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Our Story

Always Carry 

The idea to offer premium concealment apparel was born in 2020 after a group of friends discovered there were limited options for the every-day conceal carrier. Tarnkappe Gear was established in Texas with the purpose of offering functionally designed apparel and gear for the person exercising their right to carry without compromising style. 

At Tarnkappe Gear we set out to provide more apparel and gear options for the individual desiring to avoid unwanted attention to their self-defense gear. Our number one priority is to offer top tier, concealment products of unrivaled quality.  We strive to establish a bond with our customers through our quality products, impeccable customer service and prompt communication.

Tarnkappe - "Cloak of Invisibility"

Ancient tales refer to a “cloak of invisibility” as tarnkappe [t(a)-rn-kap pe]. It has been said that the cloak made its wearer invisible and provided additional strength. Although we have not figured out how to increase one’s strength with our products, we are confident our garments will allow carriers to conceal in comfort to protect themselves and their loves ones. 

Our customers will be able to blend into their surroundings without raising suspicion from curious strangers. Tarnkappe apparel will work downtown, midtown, uptown, the mall or while on a walk through the park. Our customers want to dress well and conceal using the carry method of their choice.

Looking Ahead 

As we continue our journey, Tarnkappe Gear will continue designing and developing additional every-day items for the every-day conceal carrier. We are starting with shirts, nevertheless, we plan to continue expanding our ideas to other garments and gear on our mission to perfect concealment so you can “Always Carry”. 

In the beginning we partnered with a well-established premium shirt maker in Central America. In the future we look to partner with other small businesses, primarily focused on US based companies. We have many innovative design ideas to serve the conceal carry clients. If your company has apparel manufacturing capabilities, please reach out to us at contact@tarnkappegear.com.